Interview in The Hindu on 22 March 2012

The rainfall in Coimbatore is less than the State’s average of 925 mm. And, the available ground and surface water is not enough to meet the demand from a steadily rising population. But, there are ways to harness and conserve the available resource, says water expert R.K. Sivanappan.

If the citizens and the Coimbatore Corporation jointly take up conservation and judicious use in a holistic manner, the city should not face problems in water supply to its people, the founder-director of the Water Technology Centre of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and former Planning Commission Member says.

As many as 11 tanks (nine of them in the city and two in the periphery) can hold substantial quantity of water. Normally, this can meet the municipal needs of Coimbatore at the rate of 100 million litres a day for 100 days.

But, to turn this water fit for municipal requirements, the following will have to be done: encroachments in the supply channels and tanks must be removed, repairs to anicuts, supply channels, tank bunds, sluices and supply weirs. A water treatment plant should also be put up at the water sources.


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