Interlinking of Indian Rivers – Need and Importance

Title: Interlinking of Indian Rivers - Need and Importance

Author: Dr. R. K. Sivanappan

To address the competing and ever-increasing water demand from industries and community an.d municipal needs, there is an immediate need to initiate multipronged steps to redefine and revitalize the water storage ways and water use management practices leading to an increase in agricultural production by bringing more area under irrigation, and to produce more per unit quantity of water and per unit of land. To be able to manage the expectations of the food requirements of 20/30 million tones by 2025/2050 in Tamil Nadu for the escalating population, the farming public,government departments, community and society need to join together and unite, and reorient the protocols and practices in water use and water management strategies thereby saving large quantities of available water and also developing new water resources and applying to irrigate additional area of about 20 lakh hectares to make Tamil Nadu self sufficient. This is achievable. This Tamil Nadu water vision publication presents the roadmap leading to the achievements of the goals. This has two parts: Tamil Nadu water vision and Interlinking of Indian rivers – need and importance.

Foreword by Dr. N. Mahalingam

The book can be downloaded here (18 pages).

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