Rain Water Harvesting

Title: Rain Water Harvesting

Authors: R. K. Sivanappan

Water is a precious natural resource with varied uses, but drinking water is the basic need of every human being. Of the three sources - Rainwater, Surface water, and  Groundwater, rain is the main source of all water. Hence rainwater is to be harvested, conserved and used efficiently.

The annual rainfall in Coimbatore District is very low i.e. 640 mm compared to state average of 925 mm and India's average of 1150 mm. The demand for water is increasing day by day for all purposes. Hence for sustainability of groundwater resources, it is necessary to undertake water harvesting and recharging of groundwater. There are different techniques in water harvesting, and this book describes roof water harvesting with detailed sketches.

Published by Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore

The book can be downloaded here (16 pages).

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